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Art Education


M.A. Contemporary Fine Art Sheffield Hallam University


B.A.(Hons) Fine Art

1st Class Hons

University of Leeds


Pre B.A.Foundation Art and design


Dewsbury College



Holmfirth Art Week

Chianti Italy

National Museum of Archeology Palazzo Massimo Rome Italy,(ongoing until 23 April 2017).


Orchard Centre - 'Spirit and Reason'


YorkShire Artspace P10 - 'Sleeping Venuses'

Yorkshire Artspace - 'Rupestre'

Heartbeat Gallery - 'The Still Point', 'Nail' and 'Weight'


End Gallery -‘Keep’

End Gallery - ‘My’

Cultural Urban Centre, Liverpool, - ‘That’s Life’


Bretton Hall - ‘Mark‘


North Light Gallery - ‘By Their Fruits’


Longsides, Bretton - ‘The Chattering’

Artist Statement

Kate Orme is primarily a maker of three dimensional work. She sees sculpture as the medium of the immediate now as it inhabits the same physical space as herself and requires avoiding action to be taken in order not to collide with it; interaction with sculpture is therefore unavoidable for her and the resulting conversations with a piece can be long and twisting.

Kate, up to this point, has made all her own work. She feels that human beings look for themselves in sculpture, they look for something that they can identify with, and evidence of the maker’s touch is something that can be read even by the uninitiated.

Visual aesthetics are important to Kate and her work is constructed bit by bit with continual reference to her own sense of balance and equilibrium. She agrees with Dave Hickey’s view that the worth of a piece is directly related to the quality of the (viewer’s) experience, and with Declan McGonagal’s statement that art is created in the space between the viewer and the artifact. Kate hopes that there will always be a space for the viewer’s interpretation in her work.

Life, death and the veil betwixt, ancestry, scale and it’s felt but largely unarticulated effects, and rudimentary quantum mechanics alluding to other dimensions are all a fascination for Kate, and all of them influence her work. She feels that it could take ten lifetimes for her to understand how they have all impacted on her constant search for her own context.

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